A very warm welcome! You’re most likely here because you found this website on our wedding invitation. This site provides some additional details about the following areas:

If there’s any information you’re missing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@alxbrd.com or contact us directly through our usual phone numbers / emails.

📍 On the Day


We’re getting married at 16:00 at St Luke’s Church in Earls Court, London (SW10 9HF). The church will be open from 15:30.


We’ll be heading to the reception venue, Kindred in Hammersmith after the ceremony, aiming to arrive shortly before 18:00. It’s 10 minutes up the road from the church, and there will be transport provided in the form of a bus. If you’d like to make your own way there it is (quite literally) just outside the Hammersmith Underground (District/Piccadilly) station.

There’ll be some prosecco on arrival at the venue, and we’re aiming to start dinner service shortly before 19:00. (More details about the menu to follow later.) The party will continue on until 23:30, but while we'd love to see you for all night, you’re welcome to leave anytime from 21.30. As discussed with (we hope) all relevant parties, the reception is largely an adult-only occasion.

What to wear

The dress code is "cocktail attire" 💃. For those who are not too fussy about details, this just means "dress up a bit", but also here's a whole web page about this.

🎁 Gifts and Confetti


As is common with people marrying later, we don’t need much of a helping hand with homeware. We are just delighted to celebrate this day with you. If you would nevertheless like to make a gift, a contribution to our honeymoon would be very gratefully received. You can do this here on our Prezola gift list.


Please feel free to bring along confetti for after the ceremony. Bio-degradable confetti is allowed within the church grounds, but no confetti, rice or petals, are allowed in the church.

🚗 Logistics


We believe that most people will have different preferences of budget, location or their own accommodation. We’ll leave this up to you!


In most cases it may be easier to find parking at your accommodation, or somewhere further out of town, and travel to the church by bus, tube or taxi. However, the following details about both locations may be useful.

Church (Earls Court)

  • There are a limited number of parking spaces inside the church grounds. Please let us know if you’d like to make use of parking here, and we’ll liaise with you about availability. Note that you’ll need to move the car before the end of the day.
  • It’s possible to park on residential streets via PayByPhone. As of January 2024, one can park within 5 minutes walk at the price of £8 for 2 hours. Note that only certain sections allow parking (most areas are resident-only between 8:30 - 18:30 on Saturdays) – you’ll need to download the app to investigate.

Venue (Hammersmith)

  • The nearest car park is outside the Hammersmith Apollo, but this is limited to a maximum of 2 hours.
  • We would recommend parking on residential streets (use the app RingGo) approximately 10 mins walk away.
  • If you’d like to try booking spaces in advance, you could try YourParkingSpace, but please note while the reviews are promising, we have never used this service ourselves.